DynamicADSO Move User OU

  • 13 March 2017
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Hi, I've been using the Dynamic ADSO to update AD and it has worked brilliantly.


We're now trying to use the Move User to OU method and we're struggling to get it working. I'm not entirely sure what value to pass in for the Organisational Unit parameter. I've tried various combinations but no luck. The OU is in a folder structure, e.g. COMPANY_USERS/Marketing/London


I've already checked that the user we are using has sufficient access to perform this task in AD.


Has anybody successfully used the Move User to OU method and what would I need to pass in for the OU parameter? Thanks!

2 replies

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Hi DanK2

If I have understood well your issue, I believe details provided on the following URL http://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/Supported-way-for-moving-K2-and-users-to-new-AD-DS-domain/ta-p/82933 might  could be an alternative solution.

Please find out if the information given on that URL can be helpful.



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Looking to do some method 

Just looking to if a resolution to this problem was found or can you share the link again as the current one goes to a blank page.