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18831i1674E822695CE3A9.pngHi Nintex Community!
As community managers, it is always fantastic to receive feedback from the community and to know where we can improve.

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How about providing a feedback forum for the tool itself, ProMapp? I've been using this tool for about a month, now, and am kind of frustrated by its lack of basic text editing features. Where's the ability to bold words? In technical writing 101, bold words in instructions signify items that are clickable, such as "Click Open for next page." ...or did the writer mean to say "Click Open for next page."? The bold text tells the reader exactly what to be seeking to click.

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Hi Peter

We do have a Promapp forum for all your ProMapp queries - please check it out here:


Also, please make use of our Product Feature Request site to give your feedback and suggestions!