Update Workflow Data Fields form SmartForm (K2 Cloud)

  • 19 August 2020
  • 1 reply

I'm trying to update some workflow data fields with values from a SmartForm, without actioning the workflow task.

Is there a SmartObject I can use for jsut that simple update?


I was hoping for something easier than building a call to the REST API.



1 reply

Hi Dknudsen,


I didn't found any standard SmartObject for this.
You should have to use the REST API to do this.


If you want this feature to be implemented in a future update, you can use the site https://ideas.k2.com, that allows for a public forum for logging, tracking, and voting on features and product enhancements.
I would strongly encourage the creation of a new item on this forum for this request.
While I can log this request on your behalf and gladly will, the advantage of you logging it, is added visibility and tracking on your end. If I open the idea for you, this idea will be only visible by K2 partners.
Logged ideas on this site are seen by customers and product management and there is the ability to vote and comment on each idea.


Please inform me when you will create the Idea, I will be happy to vote on it.


Best regards,