REST Service Instance - Configuration

  • 7 October 2022
  • 2 replies

REST service instance setup in Dev - used swagger file from REST service provider application. Now for moving the code to higher environments, we need to configure the service instances; for which I am unable to find option to configure/change the service endpoint for the REST service. Possible option is to have swagger files with endpoints changed; this has to be done for all environments.

Please suggest if there is any other better way to maintain and configure the REST service instances. 

2 replies

Specify allowed IP addresses for incoming HTTP and HTTPS connections.Specify the maximum number of allowed connections over both HTTP and HTTPS.Set the TCP port for incoming HTTP connections.Set the addresses on which the server listens for incoming HTTP connections.







Query in mainly towards capability to configure endpoint/base path which are the only change in the swagger file while deploying from lower environment to higher one. Can we have other alternative other than  need to maintain different swagger files for each environment.