Can't delete a view

  • 5 October 2022
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I'm attempting to get rid of an old project and have been deleting the individual objects within the category.  I have 2 left, a SmartObject and a view.  Everything else is gone.  When I try to delete the view I get the error below.  But the Edit Item object has been deleted.  How can this happen and how can I fix it?  Thanks!


  • View 'Write Offs Item' is in use by 'Write Offs Edit Item' as a form view

2 replies

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if the view Write Offs Edit Item has been successfully deleted then I think that you will need to raise a support ticket to get assistance with why the system is saying that it is still in use.

The only thing else to check is if the view is not in another category somewhere.



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Another possible debugging step is to run the package and deployment tools, select the folder/solutions that this view would have been used in and include all dependencies. Then you can check the 'Dependencies' and 'used by' tab to see what else may be referencing this view.