Add Multiple Rows to List View Simultaneously

  • 11 June 2024
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Hi everyone,


I’m creating a form which requires multiple rows to be added to a list view simultaneously, according to a user input (see attached image). Ideally the user will enter a value into the highlighted textbox, and then pressing the button will create the specified number of lines on the list view.


There doesn’t seem to be a looping funtion where a specific numeric value can be used, so how can I achieve the desired result?


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Hi @jordancox 

If there is an advanced smartobject behind the list (not a smartbox) which mapped to a SQL service instance you can create a stored procedure which will create neccessary rows and then you just need to refresh the list.

If you’re using something else, then it is possible to create a kind of a while loop with unbound rules and a variable (a datalabel or a parameter).

Something like the following: 

Rule 1: 

  • set variable to a text box value (e.g. 5);
  • execute Rule 2.

Rule 2:

  • if variable <> 0 then execute Rule 3;
  • If variable = 0 then anything to exit the loop
  • refresh the list

Rule 3:

  • create a line in the list;
  • set the variable = variable - 1;
  • execute Rule 2

There is also an option to create a workflow with a loop.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Ivan,


Because I needed the loop to exist only on the front-end, I implemented your suggestion with the three rules. This worked exactly as I needed, so thanks for your help.


Many thanks.