Workflow doesn't start when sharepoint item added

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I am posting this, to maybe save someones time, because I did not find a solution to this problem on K2 Community or Google.


Problem: When starting a workflow with the option Item added nothing happens, workflow doesn't start. No error in K2 logs.


Resolution: After thoroughly checking the sharepoint logs, I found an error in calling K2 event service, no endpoint, CRLF error. If site is created with default language choosing our native language (non-english) K2 SharePoint app can't send events to K2. Creating SP site with english as default language and adding our language as additional language solves the problem. 






KEYWORDS: k2, event service, calling, endpoint, CRLF, language, sharepoint 2013, app, 4.6.11

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This is a perfect example of what the community is for - thank-you for being a leader.



I've created simple workflow ( move the doc to another folder ) in SP 2016  but workflow didn't start on item added but works if I start manually,, please help .

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The above post was written for Sharepont 2013, but it could be the same problem. What is the default language of the site? First check the event log if K2 outputs any error for this. If no error is present check the sharepoint log in C:Program filesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14LOGS (number 14 can vary, depends on the SP version). This way we can see what is the actual problem.