uploading a document to SharePoint 2013 from a Smart Form

  • 27 February 2018
  • 1 reply

Hello, I'm very new to K2 - I've searched the forums (and the help files) maybe I'm just missing this?  I have a SharePoint document library which I've added as a smart object - I simply want to be able to upload a file to it from within a K2 form - when I try it, it tells me that SmartObject property Document is a required property (but I don't see anyplace in outputs or inputs for this particular property) - thanks in advance for any help!

1 reply



It looks like you probably need a Attachment control that can hold Documents. Right now, you are uploading data to a Document Library without a document. SahrePoint doesn;t like that so it gives us an error. 


I recommend creating a new Document Library and allowing K2 for SharePoint to create the SmartObjects and Forms for you. This way, you can see how all of this is configured, as it will already be in working order.


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