Understanding workflows schedules

  • 26 March 2018
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When setting up a recurring workflow and editing the workflow schedule, I was wondering what was the difference between '...every 0 month(s)' and '...every 1 month(s)' in "Settings"?



To me it seems that when you set up 'every 0 month(s)', the workflow will only be triggered once but I may be wrong.


I tried to browse the community but I couldn't find the answer to that.

2 replies

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Good question, I would think that "Every 0 Months" will represent each month but just to be safe and to make the logic make sense I would go for "Every 1 Month" to ensure if fires once a month.

Feel free to log a K2 Support ticket to get an official answer as well as get this part of the schedules documented in more detail.


So I did set up two schedules last month, one '...every 0 month(s)' and one '...every 1 month(s)', to see what will be the behavior of the system about this.


A month later the '...every 1month(s)' schedule triggered again and on the contrary the '...every 0 month(s)' schedule didn't trigger.


I will wait another month to confirm this but I think I have my answer now.