Unauthorized smartobject access 64007

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I am facing unauthorised smartobject access error on one SmartForm.

In exception log I can see below message, kindly advice.


IdentityService","64007","IdentityServiceError","IdentityService.ProviderCacheIdentity:RoleProvider.GetUser","64007 Provider did not return a result for K2:UserName


I cheked in URM Service and in Identity table Username is exist and is active.

Also, this error is appearing only in IE.



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If these are preventing submitting or retrieval of data, submit a support ticket and we can get to the bottom of the issue if they are just errors in the log file this error can usually be safely ignored if this account is disabled in AD.

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Thanks for input.

Yes, it is preventing to load data on Smartform and user is not disabled.

I will check for responsible person who can raise a support ticket.