The Backspace Key bug of 2018 ?

  • 3 January 2018
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Firstly, Happy New Year everyone !!!!


Anyone wanna try this and confirm whether I found my first K2 bug of 2018 within 3 days....???


1) Create a Table, make it READ ONLY

2) Then add a TEXT AREA Control

3) Create a Rule that does Change properties on the TEXT AREA control to say READ ONLY Disabled (i.e. so it's writable)


Now run the form and surely enough it lets you enter Text, but the backspace key will not delete any text. The only way to delete the text is to highlight it and press the delete key....


What's going on?

3 replies

I am not yet sure if this is the behavior that you are seeing, but:


"Changing a Table to Read-Only effectively sets all controls within that table also to Read-Only. "

As such, if controls within the table needs to be editable; then the table will need to be of the 'Unchanged/Editable' state.


However, if the table is 'Read-Only', I am not able to type text into Text Area control either (and this is expected).   It can only accept data from rule outputs or data transfer events.

--Hi Sharpharp1,


I am able to get the same behaviour as described. As stated in our documentation provided in tin’s note, if a table is changed to READ-ONLY, all controls within the table will also become READ-ONLY.


As such, even if you try to make the text area control editable, essentially it is still being seen as READ-ONLY and it won’t function the same. This is just my observation here.

Thanks for the replies.... but I think you're missing my point.


The table is set to READ ONLY, i then set a Text Box "WITHIN" that table to "Not" be Read Only (via Rule), then i can type in that text box, but the backspace key does not work.