Task process doesn't send an email to task manager

  • 8 June 2023
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I’m a beginner of creating K2 workflow. My boss gave me a task which is creating this workflow (figure 1). I am using K2 worksapce’s website. I have already put the email address which is the same as in the setting (figure 2). But I didn’t receive any email after deploy this workflow and submit the form.

Figure 1
Figure 2

I’m following this website but I cannot do this part due to I don’t have figure 3.

Figure 3


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This may not be due to how the workflow was configured, but perhaps the mechanism in which K2 was configured to send email is not working.

  1. Do you see the task in your K2 Workspace Inbox, but just not an email notification?
  2. Make sure spam/mime filter not marking email as junk.
  3. Is there error on K2 server > Event Viewer > Windows log > Application around the time when the task was assigned?

In the C:\Program Files\K2\Host Server\Bin\K2HostServer.exe.config file, how does the below section look for your K2 server?

      <add path="SmartActions" />
      <add path="SmartActions\EWS" />
                    If you do not use the Service Account for MessageBus, remember to update the connection
    <system self="K2:DENALLIX\K2service" enableListeners="false" allowAmbiguity="true" >
        <security spamSecurity="Off" />

If you run the C:\Program Files\K2\Host Server\Bin\ConnectionStringEditor.exe with “Run as Administrator”, how does that look?