Smartform 4.6.11 State Rule Not Found

When we are using Smartform 4.6.11, in the non-Base state, we cannot see the rules in the Base state (other states inherit the Base state by default).
The rule code actually exists, but it cannot be displayed in the front-end designer (it cannot be modified later). (The rule data exists in the K2 database, and the rule will also be triggered after the form is executed).
May I ask if there is a corresponding patch solution for this anomaly, because the system continues to operate stably, and we don't want to take the risk to upgrade it to the latest version.

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Hi yingjie,


May I ask, can you search for the rule in the desired state?


Yes, the corresponding rule name (btnSubmit is Clicked) can be found in the search results.
However, the associated control is displayed as vm_ms_publicfunction(Form), and the actual name should be vm_ms_publicfunction(View).
In the non-searching state, the events and actions containing vm_ms_publicfunction(Form) are not displayed.