RedirectWorklistItem does not work

  • 19 April 2018
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I need admins of a process to be able to redirect tasks that are not assigned to them and they should not have to leave the UI of the process and use the mangagement console.  


If I use the management console and redirect a task, it does exactly that, the destination of the task gets updated. No new tasks are created. As previously stated though, using the management console is not business-user friendly and provides excessive functionality. Redirection should be available using a form with a button linked to a smart object call. 


If I call the below:




then a second task is created for the new user rather than updating the destination of the original task. This is not the same behaviour as redirecting from the management console. Why? How can I allow administrators to redirect a task from one user to another if they are not the owner of the task? This is a fairly basic requirement for a workflow application and should be trivial. No custom code should be required. Presumably this is a bug with the RedirectWorkListItem smart object call.

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I've tried experimenting with the same System smartobject and seen this properly reassign the task instead of creating a new one for that user. Could you possibly show me your inputs for the smartobject method? I would like to see if they are the same as what I am inputting.


I pulled my data from the GetWorklistItems method on that same Task Smartobject.


Additionally, could you expand on the destination set for this workflow that we are trying to reassign the task for, I'm wondering if that has any impact here.


1) Are we specifically reassigning on a user who directly received a task? or did a group that person was in get assigned the task?

2) How many slots are created for this task?


Also what specific version of K2 are you on right now? Any Fix Packs or CUs applied?


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