Problem with K2 mobile app

  • 15 September 2015
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Hello guys, I have a problem with K2 mobile app(ios).


1.Sometime I can't open the form in K2 mobile app.
2.Somtime the menu "Forms" has disappear.
3.If not 1 and 2 when I try to open "Could not find server name".


I've use server as IP address when login mobile app
but in Runtime URL is showing server name.

I've try this solution (Connectivity) and passed with no error


I don't know how to fix this problem please help me.

Thank you.


7 replies

Hi Sanka,


It is possible that you are running into multiple issues. There is a couple things to consider when troubleshooting "Forms". Here is some help documentation that could possibly help. Click here


Please take note of the tip  "Offline Forms are currently a K2 Mobile for iOS feature only. This feature is not available with any other mobile platform. There is also an additional license necessary for using the offline feature. If this feature does not work for you, check what you are licensed for".


If you are still running into issues, please submit a ticket to K2 Support for further investigation.


Best regards,



Hi matthewa_K2,


Thank you for you suggestion, Now I've try to create application form to show in K2 mobile app(only application form not offline).


I've installed K2 mobile app on Ipad(iOS 8.4.1) and now a menu "Forms" still disappear so I can't  see a form I'd created. Any suggestion?





It looks like this could be a authorization issue with the server. Are you able to gather any logs? There was an advance section of that article you linked and wondering if you were able to see logs. 


  • The URL https://[server]/K2api/elmah can be used to retrieve more detailed error information and logs. In order to access the "elmah" logs, you need to log on to the server either directly or through remote desktop connection as the logs are not exposed publicly.

Is this happening to only one phone within the organization? Are you able to test with another IOS phone?


I would be interested if you could gather any log information from the server.


Thank you,




Is this happening to only one phone within the organization? Are you able to test with another IOS phone?

I'd tested on another iOS phone/tablet and still have this problem.


For gather any log information from the server.

Maybe tomorrow because I can't remote to server right now.


Thank you,



This is error log from server that I used K2 mobile app by 2 iOS.


Thank you,



If you're environment isn't set up correctly, you may need to VPN in on your device to do this.  That worked on my end.  If you don't have that as an option, you'd have to configure your environment to be truly outward facing.



There is a HttpResponse Null response from server, could you click on the Details of it?