Migration of Sharepoint Event Integration Wizard and K2 Server Name Update

  • 8 September 2017
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We are migrating our K2 (4.5) solution (with Sharepoint) onto a different server. We have a Sharepoint Event Integration process connected to an update event on a calendar item. When we try to trigger this event on our new infrastructure, it's looking for the process on the old server. We have successfully migrated the software and updated all the environment templates/string values. Does this server value only get set when the process is deployed or is the value of the server held somewhere so we can update it to the new one? The Sharepoint Event wizard only makes the Sharepoint settings available.
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Best answer by Rachel 8 September 2017, 14:18

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Redeploy all of the SharePoint processes that use Remote Event Receivers. When you redeploy the RemoteUrl in the EventReceivers table of the SharePoint Content database will get updated to use the url from the default "Web Service Url" environment variable