Manually Completing a Process

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We have some processes that are still waiting for user feedback, but they have left the organization and we would like to manually set the status for these requests to Completed. How can I do that?

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Hi Hind,


Please have a look at step 3 in the documentation below:


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Hi Mustafa,


Thank you for the above, however, this did not help as this is not the desired result.

My activity is not in Error state. We have upgraded a system and I migrated all pending requests to the new workflow and moved them to the "Request Completed" activity. However, the request still appears as active rather than completed.

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Hi Hind,


Please share a screenshot of the process.


You can also redirect the task to another user to complete it:


Let me know if this helps

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You mentioned all the pending requests have migrated to the new workflow. I’m assumed that this was completed with LIM tool (Live Instance Migration tool), please correct me on this. Regarding the current requests, could you check the [ServerLog].[Procinst] table for Status 2? Status 2 is for Active instances. I’m wondering if something is out of synced between [Server].[Procinst] and [ServerLog].[Procinst] tables.

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Hi Hind,


Would it not help to redirect these process instances to an active user for completion?



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Dear Mustafa & JeanSmit,


Ideally thats the perfect solution, however, we are talking about 1*personal details removed* requests.
I don't want to waste the users' time for approving and completing old requests.


Dear Khanh,


I used the Process Instance Version Migration Utility to migrate the old workflows to the new one.

As for the ProcInst values, find below my findings:

When I ran the SELECT * FROM [K2ServerLog].[ServerLog].[ProcInst] against the SELECT * FROM [K2Server].[Server].[ProcInst] with the same filtering criteria, I noticed that the first gave me more results with Status containing either 2 or 3, while the later gave me fewer results containing Status 2 only.



Hope that helps?