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I have worked on SharePoint workflows and now I need to know about K2, I need this to make a decision whether to go with K2 or not for a application. 

Please suggest if there is any url or mail address to whom I can send my request. I am from India. 



Kishore A

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Hello Kishore A,


There are a couple things you can do to get the ball rolling.


First, you can request a Demo/Trial at the following link:  Contact Us/Demo


Select "Request a K2 Demo/Trial" from the first drop down list on the form and we can get the dialog going and bring you up to speed on what K2 can do. Someone will engage with you to get things moving from there.


In the meantime, you can also check out the Product Demos page where there are links down into information that will give you a tour of the K2 Platform and walk you through various application scenarios built with K2.


Write back if this doesn't get you where you're wanting to go.





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Is there anyway a k2developer can have trial version of K2 Virtual machine for practice if he want to work on K2 application.



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you can try



Alternative is to contact your K2 Account Manager, they might be able to point you in the right direction.