K2 to Sharepoint connectivity issue

  • 22 February 2018
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I am facing an issue in K2 that after some time k2 dont work and its dashboard   looks like hanged after restarting the service in k2 it starts working but after some time it stops works its a contnoius issue i am facing  i am attaching snapshoot for your reference please let me know what would be the resolution 


4 replies

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Your screenshot does not exactly show K2 to SharePoint connectivity issue. I can only see the workspace showing you an empty page. Have you checked if there are any error messages in your HostServer logs?



Thanks for your response actually my k2 server is un behaving one thing i have notice that my K2 server datavase is set be in another server which is SQL server one think i have notice that in my that SQL server my transation logs limit is set to be on 2 GB and that file is full of space like 2GB so i want to ask is it possible that because of this my K2 server behave unmutuare ?

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I see there is a '28014 Server not initialized error message' error. Could you check the Event Viewers on the K2 server and see if there are any additional details on the error? Which transaction log file has the enforced limited growth option (i.e. FG_Log_1 or the FG_ServerLog_) ? 

Thank you for the response the log which is enforced limited growth option  is FG_Log_1.