K2 Smartforms - Sign in as a different user functionality

We are looking at implementing K2 Smartforms in a Kiosk style fashion for one of our Clients (will have over 20000 potential users) all with Windows Authenticated Accounts.


The objective is to have the Kiosk up and available with a tiled site listing a number of Forms a person can submit.

On selecting the form, we'd like the person to be able to "sign in as a different user" similar to the K2 for SharePoint feature in 2010.


In K2 Smartforms, is there a way to force logout, and also to allow a person to login with a different account (as the machine will be logged in as a generic Kiosk account).


Hopefully the above made some sense. Happy to provide more context or detail if it is unclear.

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Hi, You can use "Navigate to a URL" to redirect the form to the logout address [K2 url]/Runtime/_trust/logout.aspx this is K2 page to logout the current user. 


Note that you need to make sure that your site realms uses Forms STS.

Thanks for a quick reply.


Client is setup with Kerberos and Integrated windows authentication with K2.

They don't wish to change to STS.