K2 Mobile App for Android (Offline Mode)

  • 15 November 2018
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I am able to test and submit forms for iOS when in Offline mode (not connected to wifi). 


On Android (Galaxy S9), I can submit my form when I am connected to wifi, but when I try offline mode it says the form is not available in offline mode?  I thought that offline should work for both iOS and Android?  Is this correct?


I tried the settings in the Android App for Offline.  The only ones available are 1) Download forms (either Always or Wifi Only) and 2) Download Form Attachments (either When the attachment is opened or When the form is downloaded).  On the Download forms, I tried both Always and Wifi Only, and I get the "form is not available in offline mode". 


I am on K2 4.7.  Thanks!

5 replies

Did you set the offline advanced property on the form?



Yes, I did.  It's the same form that I can view on iOS.

I compared the release notes for K2 Mobile for Android, and K2 Mobile for iOS. The offline feature seems to have been removed for the android app for some reason. Have you tried using the K2 Workspace app instead?


Hi Y-2k,


@boringNerd - The K2 Workspace app will only work with versions K2 Five and up.


On your Android app has the form been downloaded successfully? Can you while online, open the form and submit the form, so its in the cache.

The icon should be different for forms that are online and forms that are offline.


  • Forms with grayed-out icons are not available offline as they have not been cached

  • Forms with blue icons are available offline (cached)

More information here: https://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2mobile/userguide/current/default.htm#K2Mobile/AndroidUse/AndroidAppForms.htm%3FTocPath%3DAndroid%7CK2%2520Mobile%2520for%2520Android%7CUsing%2520K2%2520Mobile%2520for%2520Android%7C_____6





Yes, on Android, I can submit while in online mode.  However, when I am in offline, the forms always says "the form is available while offline".  K2 support confirmed offline for Android has been removed, and they are recommending to go to K2 5.


I believe the feature has been removed since version 1.2.16. Please see following KB, https://help.k2.com/kb002646 “Manual caching of Offline Attachments and Forms has been removed. Wifi option is now default” Do you have a plan to upgrade to K2 Five? I tested with K2 Workspace for Android and the feature is working. https://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2mobile/userguide/current/default.htm#K2Mobile/AndroidK2WorkspaceApp/K2Workspace-For-Android.htm#K2