k2 join two sharepoint smart objects

  • 9 March 2018
  • 1 reply

we have a requirement to join two sharepoint List Smart Object


List A & List B Both are having the common column values called "Application Name" how can we create a composite smart objects so that we can have the combination of the List A & List B which are having common application name with out duplication



can anybody help us regarding this requirement?

1 reply



I am unsure if this can be done, as the SharePoint aspect can make this a little tough. However, we should just be able to create a Composite SmartObject that calls to both Smartobjects. We can join them together by having them use the similar column to write to both smartobjects. 


However, you may just want to look into SmartObject associations and associate these smartobjects together. Please see the documentation below.



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