K2 for sharepoint

  • 28 August 2018
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we have k2 onprem in our environment. We would like to know if we can use it so that it can work like shown in the video with sharepoint.



our developers are telling that it will not be possible and all the items will be stored in k2 environment.


is it correct ?


bo we need to have a different subscription to do this?

2 replies


Can you provide more details on what you are planning on doing? How K2 for SharePoint works is you basically deploy a SharePoint app to your SharePoint site collection, then configure it to connect to your K2 server. Once that is done, you can generate SmartObjects for your SharePoint List and Libraries, which in turn is used to interact with your List/Libraries. These SmartObjects will still be stored in your K2 environment.


You can also create workflows that trigger when certain actions are performed on your list or library. Integration is done via the SmartObjects. Once you have the SmartObjects generated, you can use them anywhere in your smartforms, or in your custom application via the K2 API.

Work like what in the video?


And you need new developers.