Issue when trying to check if a user is in a SharePoint group via SO action

  • 2 November 2018
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I am trying to create a show/hide rule based on whether a user is in a SharePoint group.


Option A Issue: 
I use the " then on SharePoint Integration Helper Methods SmartObject, execute its Is User in Any One Group method (configure).   My configuration uses the site URL/Group ID/FQN as values and I pass back the value to a datafield on my view.

The value always comes back as False however, when infact I am in all groups, and one value won't come back at all.   If I replace the FQN with the 'Name' field which someone suggested then it throws an error saying 'index is out of bounds of the array'


Option B Issue:

If I use the 'Group' smartobject instead that sits within the management folder of SP Sites, then the form throws a 404 error, despite the configuration being set up with the correct URL. 


Has anyone else had these issues? I thinkl the config is correct as I have followed other examples on here.


Thanks, Julie

2 replies



What behavior do we see in the SmartObject Service Tester or K2 Management if we execute those SmartObjects with the same inputs? I think first it would be best if we made sure our SmartObject calls were correct, before working on this via a form. 





Unfortunelaly the smart object tester is only available to 'Farm administrators' within our organisation so I can not use this as a tester in regard to being a designer. I will have to come back to this thread when I get a space with our farm admin :-)  Thanks for your input.