I wonder if somebody has implemented third party auth with SMS like Twilio ?

  • 15 March 2019
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I like to start using Third Party Authentication using Twilio SMS to cellphone or email.


This will gave the opportunity of provide one more layer of security prior to authenticate with just a simple user/password. 


When user submit user/passowrd redirect to another page expecting the PIN or Token or whatever you want to call it... which was sent vis SMS to the stored cellphone number or email. then once entered goes directly the de desired page.


If for some reason more than 5 or 10 minutes pass. perhaps that is not a valid or expire another request need to be sent. good thing is all the login attempts are stored for reporting.


I saw Twilio have some nice interface, but wondering if somebody in the K2 community have some other suggestions/alternatives ?


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Hi  @K2CaveMen


Three weeks back there was published article for K2 utilities, The Method Automation Services Inc. (MAS) released the next generation service broker to SMS & MMS Texting for K2 Five.  Now power your workflows and automated processes with ability to send and receive text messages in a couple clicks. MAS leverages the industry leader in the cloud messaging space with Twilio ( ) delivering an affordable and powerful solution within minutes. 


Please follow up with this link for the possibility of your end goal


Should you find the information from the article useful or leading you to the answer please mark as "Solution and/or Kudo", as it will assist other k2 developers with relevant information in the near future.


Awesome Friday to you too!!!


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