How to reference multiple smart objects in a k2 designer workflows.

  • 25 February 2016
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I have a create button which makes a smart object for a list and then another for an item. when i get to the point in the work flow that the manager opens their task i want both smartobjects to load. at this point i can only get one or the other to load. I am knew to k2 in general and any help would be appreciated.  the image below is my form so i basically want both views smartobjects to load once the manager opens his review task.


5 replies

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When you say " this point i can only get one or the other to load." I am assuming that the form is initializing. 

1) Add a "State" the the form rules that occurs only when the form is opened in the workflow step manager task. 

2) Edit the "When form initializes" rule.

3) add additional smartobject calls inside that rule


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I tried putting the 2 rules in when the admin state initialises.

It seems to be using the item reference for the smart object and it only lets me drag in one. Which is why Can only load one smartobject.

I tried using no Item reference but that then loaded none of them.   

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To add more detail I guess what I am looking for is how load a smartobjects into the manager state without the use of item references as that seems to be the only way I can load them.

Jordan96, did you ever find an answer to this?

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This may be possible by calling the SmartObject directly from the Form State Rules, using either the applicable actions:


- Execute a View method

- Execute a SmartObject 


However the context of this call will need to be considered.  


Usually if using the item reference, it will return the associating item/SmartObject data that the workflow is running with.  If these SmartObjects are executed are from the Form State Rules instead, you will likely need to pass in some sort of ID so that the corresponding data can be loaded.  Perhaps usage of Form Parameter and transferring this between the Form State and workflow will likely be needed.