How to migrate from PRD environment to DEV environment

  • 19 October 2020
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Hello All,


  We are using the K2 -black pearl 4.7 in PRD env.



   When, we have tried to deploy new program (K2 package) which successfully tested in DEV.

   The new program (K2 package) had well packed in DEV.


   During deployment, we have made necessary change on the database tables, views, forms, etc in PRD

   Unfortunately, the system fails to deployed the workflow in PRD

   Just only the forms, views have being updated.


   As we have running K2 for about 5 years and its environment between PRD & DEV is quite difference. So that, we have planed to migrate from PRD environment to DEV environment.
Hope it help to PG to easier to debug and minimize gap of environment.

  Need help:

   1. Anyone could advise steps to migrate from the PRD environment to Dev environment for K2 -black pearl 4.7  Would be appreciate to advise steps / manual if have any


Thank you & regards,