how do i pass data from one view to another through "Transfer Data to SubView" Rule

  • 9 February 2018
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  1. First View is a item view from which we are passing the value of a number to the second view which is a List View, here i am using “Transfer data to the Subview”
  2. But in the List View(second view) i have a value and i need to pass back to the First View, i tried with the Same Rule(“Tranfer data to the Subview”) but i am getting “there are no items to display error”

it would be great if you can help how this thing can be achieved through K2 Rules


2 replies

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It looks like you are missing an Open a subview action. 

In your form, do you have a call to open the subview that you plan to transfer the data to subview?

Are you configuring the rule at the form level or the view level?


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I don't understand exactly the case u r running... but let me explain a thing or two about views components in general that might help you in your problem.


inside a form you will have views... and views can open sub views ...

transfaring data from 1 view to another.... will need a rule/action on the form rules/actions itself... Views do not see each other ...

transfaring data from 1 view to subview... will need to happen inside the "open subview" action... when you click on "configure" you will find that you can transfer data to its fields.


hope that helps...