Find domain in k2 workflow process

  • 10 January 2019
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In my k2 process rights and server rights from K2 management I see that there is single users with 2 different domain account . I want to delete the user having old domain name. How do i find the domain of the existing user  in K2 process anf server rights ?


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2 replies




It sounds like the environment is setup with multiple domains. Could you check confirm this? From what I understand, K2 will query the Active Directory provider to find the user. Is the user is still active in Active Directory, then it will show up in K2. Is it possible to disable the user with old domain from Active Diretory?



Hi Naina

In order to find the domain and resolve the issue, go to active directory delete the old user account and wait for 8 hours for k2 to refresh, after 8 hours check the old account if is still exist.

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