Error with opening the Worklist Item Link

We created Smartforms and Smartobjects through Sharepoint for Blackpearl API. API created 3 forms (New, Edit, Display).
I created WF in K2 Studio and I am using default client event in WF. In default client event, I am selecting Task Item URL
option and building an expression to get form URL (please see the attachment 'RulesErrorImages'). I created a datalabel in WF to get form name from form.


When I am submitting the form. Workflow is starting and Manager is getting task for approval in email but the Worklist Item link of task is throwing an error "File or directory not found".


Since I am starting WF at New form and I will use Edit form in WF. Where should I pass the Form name values in WF Datafield?
Please see the attachment for all rules.

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I'm a little puzzled why you do not want to specify the 'Form Name' data field in your start workflow rule. There are only 2 places that I can think of that can allow you to modify a data field value in your form. One is in the start workflow rule, the other is in the action worklist item rule.


You can specify your edit form in the 'Form Name' data field in your start workflow rule, even if your start workflow rule triggered from another form. Nothing wrong with that.

Thank you for your reply. It was helpful. I did create an environmental value with form name and passing it at workflow start rule. Worklist item link is working now but when form loads it doesn't have data even hough url has ID. I am using 'Get List Item By ID 'method on form initialization and passing ID in input mapping and submitted data in output mapping. I checked that method through service tester and it is populating values in fields.

Could you please suggest where am I going wrong?