Environment Fields Set as Default

  • 14 March 2019
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What does Set as Default to true for an Environment Field do? 

What does Set as Default to false for an Environment Field do? 


5 replies

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Can you please provide a screenshot of the environment field and the property?


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Please follow this link to find a detailed information about environment field https://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2five/userguide/5.1/default.htm#K2-Management-Site/Environment-Library/Default-Variables-and-Permissions/Developement/Developement.htm%3FTocPath%3DAdminister%7CK2%2520Management%7CEnvironment%2520Library%7C_____1 


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I beleive you are talking about the environment fields found in the Management environment under the management library but specific to which category you chose like production or development. When you choose either one, you can search for differernt environments like Designer and Workspace or Management itself and adjust each environments default fields to your specific needs. If so than this is what it does.

What this does it sets the condition of your environment to that default state  that you chose when you go to that environment  (e.g)  You searched for designer and selected the SmartForms designer SSL URL to true/default

 this will make your designer enviroment to include the 'HTTPS' by default when you run your Designer package every time instead of using a non-secure 'URL'. In essence this will be the default state of your Designer package environment. This is what happens for the opposite if you deslect the variable or set the variable as default not true

this will make the Designer packages URL to use a non-secure URL at runtime.


Please follow this link to find a detailed information about the use of environment fields https://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2five/userguide/5.1/default.htm#K2-Management-Site/Environment-Libra...


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Says "Set as Default - Indicates whether or not the Field is used within the default Template." I still do not understand what this exactly means in practice.


Environment Libraries are used during deployment. Are they saying during deployment, only fields which are set as default are passed to the string table? So, Fields that are not "set as default" are not passed to the string during deployment.




Are they saying during deployment, only value of the fields which are set as default are passed to the string table? So, Field values that are not "set as default" are not passed to the string during deployment.

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I think the explaination is getting unncessarily complicated. Let me try to make it simpler. Regardless of whether your environment field is set to default or not, they will still be written into the String Table. In other words, all your environment fields will get written into your String Table.


The "Set as Default" option, is mainly just for K2 to identify which field is the default one, and which are not. For example, you can have multiple environment fields of the same type, then marking one of them as default will tell K2 that field is the default one.


But from my experience, this option is pretty useless for custom fields. This option is there mainly for K2 to identify certain key environment fields, so that it knows what to use when the situation arise.


For example, you may notice there are multiple fields of type 'SmartForms Runtime URL' and 'SmartForms Designer URL'. These two types are used by K2 to determine the default Runtime and Designer URL. You may have an environment which allows different variations of URL that user can use to access your forms. You will need to pick which URL you want to use, and set it to default. This default field will then be used throughout K2, such as assigning the task URL to your task.


In K2, these are the environment field types that need to have an environment field of that type set as default. Something will break if you do not have one environment field for each of the following types set as default.

  • SmartForms Runtime URL

  • SmartForms Designer URL

  • SmartForms Server

  • SmartObject Server

  • Category Server

  • Web Service URL

  • Workflow Server

  • Workflow Management Server

  • Workspace Url

For custom fields, you can ignore the Set as Default option. You can set it, but its not going to do anything. The purpose of custom field is to allow you to store some value that you can use globally across all workflows and forms. It does not matter if you set a custom field as default or not. You will still need to manually reference it in your workflow if you want to use them.


TL;DR: Set as Default option is only required for certain types of environment fields. Custom fields are not required to set that.