End User Needs Ability to Redirect a Task


We have a scenario in which workflow task is going to a group of 4 users (A,B,C,D). What is happening right now is if User A opens the task
it's assigned to User A. Rest of the user (B, C,D) are getting an error when they open the same task. 
Now I have a requirement that end user needs ablility to redirect the task to move the workflow process in absence of User A.

As a system Admin I can do it through K2 Management. But I don't won't to give admin access to end user.


I would apprecite any thoughts/help.

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If it fits your business requirements, you can disable the 'allocate worklist item on open.' feature as per the documentation below:




This will ensure that the task stays 'available' even when a user opens it but does not action; allowing all other users the ability to redirect the task when needed.

I appreciate your help Tin. It will resolve the issue and task will remain open.


But I do have another requirement in which Task is assigned to a user (not a group of users) and in the absence of that user, end user can redirect that task to different user.
What are the options for end users to redirect the task other than through K2 Management?


Looking for your thoughts on the same.

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It sounds like the end user can set up his/her Out-Of-Office to a desinated user for the time being during his/her absence. Perhaps, it might work with your business requirement. 


Thank you for thelink. I appreciate your help.