Driving license scanner

  • 24 March 2018
  • 2 replies

Hi all, i would like to create a vms workflow. I need to allow security guard to use camera and read the driving license information.

Appreciate if you can share idea how to do this from smartform?

Thank you

2 replies



Can you provide more information on this? It seems to me you just need to open up your camera on your computer, and...that's it. I am not sure what you are looking to accomplish in smartforms.


Are you trying to open up the camera footage in your smartforms? If so, is it a live feed directly from your camera, or is it some video footage stored on some database?



Example there is some mobile application can capture information from ID card just through the tablet or mobile phone camera.


I would like to implement a visitor management system where the main part is to capture visitor's ID instead of input their ID information by typing.


Thank you.