Double Border around Table?

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Anyone know of a javascript that will put a Double-Border around a Table control?


I need it to enclose some text.... I can put a Double border around a Label, but the problem is that i can't fit all my text in a single Label, so there i will need two labels, but then you can't have a Double-Border with both labels inside...


So my idea is to somehow Have a Table with the two labels inside, then somehow use code to put a Double around the table....


It's only a daft thing, but i try and get my forms to look tidy ;-)


Mr Mustafa aka JavaGuru gave me this one a while ago:

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {$("span[name='TableCSS2']").closest('table').css({'border':'darkgrey 1px solid', 'background':'#White'});})</script>


This works for a single line border, but any ideas how to make it a Double Line Border?

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In your script try changing 'border' to 'double' and making the width 3px.

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'border':'darkgrey 1px solid'


'border':'darkgrey 3px double'


'border':'darkgrey 4px double'