Deployment Error on Existing Process in Target

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Trying to deploy a process. Cleared all the references errors/service instances. But still seeing "Missing References" error on the process. Actually process is the only modified object in package.


The only option is "Use Existing Process" or "Configure". While I want to create a new version of process. If I do "Configure". It gives me options to "Create New Process" or "Use Existing Process". How can I deploy the modified process that is in my package? Any help is appreciated.


We are on 4.7


Please see attached.

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The error seems to indicate that a full package was not created for the PandD deployment to Target environment. 

Could you go back to the Source environment and create a full package? Please include all the dependencies. Does the package contain any K2 for SharePoint integrations (i.e. Lists/Libraries applifed through K2 Application)?


Just an idea, it might not work for your case. Could you go to the Target environment and create a package similar to Source environment? Please take note of all the artifacts (dependencies) during Package Deployment tool (MMC) analysis, you will have to compare to the Source environment. Hopefully, that will point to the source of the problem.


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Thanks khanh.

yes package includes sp integration. I did include all dependencies. 


here is what happened in this case...


1. The first migration from dev to prod was done. Package had two workflows, one of them is called as  ipc. 

2. In second migration, only the main workflow was modified... ipc workflow or forms were not touched. They are already there I target instance. 

3. Since only main workflow was changed, I chose option “create new version”.  But it won’t let me without changing name. 

4. chose option “use existing” for ipc workflow. This ipc workflow is using sp user smo and was using source instances smo. I was thinking since I am using “use existing” option I don’t have to change smo for this.. but PandD didn’t like it. Once I changed smo on ipc c workflow, deployment worked.