Count of users for each app

  • 11 August 2020
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I need to get count of active and inactive users per app. We're on K2 4.7 Blackpearl.

Is there a query which be run against K2 database on SQL Server?

I have got Audit Report from Management > License, but that reports only users and last active date. I need app info too, if that's possible.



2 replies



You can do it by yourself through a SmartObject  when launching the form (SmartBox or SQL server for example).
For a stronger integration with K2, I advise you to look at these K2 Ideas and vote on the ones that most closely match your needs.
Here is what I found on my side:

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By the way, you can see more deeper information about users with the SmartObject Service tester++ in menu Tools++ and "Check licensed users".


You can found this functionality with the Smart Object Service Tester++ :
For french language:

The tool "SmartObject Service Tester++" is not an official one and is not maintained by K2 France.
In all cases this tool will be not supported by the K2 support:No ticket will be accepted about this.


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