Concatinate two values from two drop down list and populate the value in a text box

  • 24 April 2018
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I want to concatinate two values from two drop down lists and populate the new value in a text box.

When I applied the below rule 

"When dropdownlist1 is changed

if an advanced condition is true (dropdownlist1 equals value and dropdownlist2 has a value)

the transfer data Expression (Concatinate dropdownlist1, dropdownlist2)"

Only the value from dropdownlist1 is populating in the text box.

But when I give the same expression directly in the text box property it will populate both the values while execution.


Please help me to complete this.


Thanks in advance.


Abin K Thomas


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Hi Abin,


What version of K2 are you on?


I tried this on K2 Five, and I was able to achieve the goal.


My rules:





My expression:



When I ran the View, I selected one value from each dropdown list, then I selected a different value for the first dropdown list, and it populated the textbox with the correct values: