Changes to layout breaks workflow

  • 5 March 2021
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I had a process that provided a list of records, the user selected a record, it displayed the detail below and they sent a message to another user asking them to update the information.  The email to the user contained information from the detail view.


I changed it to open a subview when a record was clicked and now the data from the subview no longer populates in the email to the user.  I updated the form in the K2 Studio smartforms client event, the form parameters stayed the same but when I select the Form Fields on Transfer Workflow Data to Form, it looks like it is referencing the old named form.


Any ideas?

1 reply

Hi  @carlar,


Try removing the field mappings from smart form and re map again from the fields of sub view to workflow...(Transfer data from the subivew)


Check if this works!!