Cannot specify Item Reference in Workflow (SharePoint Desginer or Studio)

  • 27 March 2018
  • 2 replies

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I have workflow on a SP list, in this workflow in a user task, I want to call a Smartform on a different library. I am able to select form that is defined on library but cannot check "Use Item Reference" checkbox (please see attached). I want to be able to data from form smartobject in Workflow.


Any idea why? I want to be able to use library item reference to update metadata, set permissions etc. in workflow.



2 replies

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Please see below KB article might help you with item reference in workflow:


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Thanks! My requirement is little different. I should have put more details in original post.


Workflow will start when an item is added to List A. I can get item reference to List A item.. no issues there.


Then in workflow, there is a user event to call a smartform that is built on a different library let's call it library B. I will call smartform using a parameter (key field from library A item). I want to get item reference to an item in library B. So workflow can update some meta data on library B item and update permissions. In the User Task (Smartforms), I am not able specify the item reference to library B.