Automate Calculation Using K2

  • 18 February 2019
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Is it possible to automate calculation in K2.

Here is my case:

I have a table of dates and associated transaction costs per day and also remaining balance.

I have to automatically subtract the total transaction after a specific date from the remaining balance on that day.

Is it possible to do this without using other approach only K2 application?


Thank you for your inputs.


1 reply

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Good day norcy


It is possible to perform automatic calcuations by making use of expressions whereing you can construct your calculation as required and execute them when and where required. 

For example:

If you have a single editable list view containing dates, allocated cost per day, transactional cost per day and remaining balance and for argument sake you want to the transactional cost per day to be deducted from the allocated cost per day to determine the remaining balance you could construct the following expression and bind it to the body of the column called remaining balance.


If you are planning on making an additional calculation you can add a seperate column to the list view, add a data lable to the empty column and bind the expression to that columns body for the result to be calculated in there instead.


See the the following documentaion for more information:

Usin expressions to perform calcuations in a list view




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