Autocomplete - Populate data 4 times?

  • 1 February 2018
  • 1 reply



If i have 4 different autocomplete controls using the same Smartobject, do i have to populate the data 4 times when the form is initializing?


The form is super slow loading due to 4x population, is there a way to make that faster, but have the autocompletes ready with loaded data on startup?



1 reply



I would recommend loading the first Picker control with data, then we should be able to load the other 3 from cached data. There is a Populate the List Control rule and one that Populates a List Control with Cached data. I would recommend trying to load the cached data.


Alternativley, you could make it so the Picker doesn't load and populate data until they are clicked. This spreads the loading out, instead of just doing it up front.