AD User: GetUsersByGroup

  • 8 February 2018
  • 1 reply

How do I get AD users by group name. I want to display users only from a particular AD security group in the picker contraol. What I'm trying is:

- Create a smart object from AD User object and with the method GetUsersByGroup

- Set the parameter to the security group name (Example: Finance)

- Use this Smart Object in the as Data source in the Picker control


But where and how do you assign the group mame in the smart object? Can you please give me step by step instrutions to set the value of the AD group

1 reply

When you configured the data source of the Picker control a rule would have automatically been added titled "When [PICKER NAME] is Resolving".  In there will be a line item to populates the Picker list control with data. Click on the "configure" link and that is where you can specify your security group.