About to escape semicolon in Connection String

  • 1 October 2018
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I possible to escape semicolon in connection String.

For example, I have a username: test123, Password: test;123 

when this user connects I get error "24404 Authentication with server failed".

Any solution to solve this problem

5 replies

Hi Pisit38,


Please check the connection string that you have set up and make sure the information is correct, credentials could be configured incorrectly.

Please follow the link below:



You can also check out this article post:



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Still not work I use K2 with .Net 

For example 


But when I put {} 

connection string see Password="{d]h;psv,88}"

that make passwork incorrect 

For example connectString = Integrated=True;IsPrimaryLogin=True;Authenticate=True;EncryptedPassword=False;Host=xxx.xxxx.xxx;Port=5252;SecurityLabelName=K2;WindowsDomain=xxx;UserID=xxx;Password=d]h;psv,88"
so I have the problem with Password=d]h;psv,88 becasue ;
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Out of curiousity, are you try to open a connection/impersonate another user via K2 APIs? I believe semicolons are reserved characters. I have seen something similar in the past when password containing semicolon (;), comma (,) and/or equal sign (=) are not supported. Perhaps, this KB might help, help.k2.com/kb002248.



Right now this problem has solved, thank you for your help