4.7 upgrade, k2 for SharePoint app deployment issue

  • 18 January 2017
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After k2 upgrade from 4.6.11 to 4.7, im getting the below error while deploying the app., there is no firewall between the k2 and sharepoint servers as it is disabled and no blocking od any port because both the servers are on the same subnet. Any idea how can i troubleshoot and fix this issue. in the k2 4.7 article it says no need of 6332 port for the version above 4.6.11. but unfortunately it still require.  Any immediate help is highly appreciated.


6 replies

Hello From the Screenshot, it looks like you are still running the 4.6.11 App Deployment; I have attached a screenshot regarding the 4.7 app deployment:


Thank you for your comment. i didnot notice that, i have upgraded our k2 environement to 4.7 and run the k2 blackpearl setup file on the sharepoint server: please find the below screenshot:

Are you making use of both 'K2 for Sharepoint 2013 in 2010 mode' (2010-type integration mode)?  This is activated using Central Administration.


But if you are integrated with ONLY the native Sharepoint 2013 App model, then you can ignore the Central Administration activation.  This is done with the appdeployment.exe and comes with the 'SmartForms' Installation files for 4.7.  Also ran from the Sharepoint server.

Thank you Tin,


Yes the smarform setupfile deployed the app on my SharePoint server. Im just wondering why none of the k2 document says this information. It says the k2 for sharepoint is part of k2 blackpearl ...


once again thank you tin for the guidance.


After the app deployment from the smartform setup and when try to run the registration after upgrade, i get the below error. any clue?


Starting with 4.7, K2 App management (registration, deployment, activation) will need to be performed via the K2 app added to the 'App Catalog' site collection; as opposed to per sites in pre-4.7 releases.


Please see below for more details: