Update Managed Metadata Column in SharePoint List Using Nintex workflow and Web Service

  • 23 October 2023
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To Update the manage metadata column in SharePoint list we need two things:

1. Label of managed metadata
2. Term ID of the manage metadata.

I want to update "Europe" in the managed metadata column in SharePoint List. I only have the label with me which is present in the Team store. But I cannot update the managed metadata column directly using action "Update Item" as I also need the termid for the same.

1. We have to first select the termsetID from which the "termid" needs to be taken and save it in the variable.
Example: "Country" is TermSet and I need to get its ID from "Term Store management".

2. Using Taxonomy webservices "<siteurl>_vti_bin/TaxonomyClientService.asmx" in Action "CallWebservices" and user Method as "GetTermsByLabel".


Once we get the SOAP Editor details , modify the below Web Service as:

3. We get Result in XML then using "Query XML" get the TermID based on the TermStoreID

4. Once we get the TermID and the update list item using "UpdateListItem" with "label | TermID"

Example: "Europe|TermID"

Original link for this article: https://community.nintex.com/community/build-your-own/blog/2016/10/27/update-managed-metadata-column-in-sharepoint-list-using-nintex-workflow 

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