Update Managed Metadata Column in SharePoint List Using Nintex workflow and Web Service

Blog Post created by aartishaw on Oct 26, 2016

To Update manage metadata column in SharePoint list we need two thing:

1. Label of manage metadata

2. Term ID of the manage metadata.

Scenario: I want to update "Europe" in manage metadata column in SharePoint List. I have only label with me which is present in Team store.But I cannot update manage metadata column directly using action "Update Item" as I also need the termid for same.


1.We have to first select the termsetID from which the "termid" need to be taken and save in variable

example: "Country" is TermSet and need to get its ID from "Term Store management".

2.Using Taxonomy webservices "<siteurl>_vti_bin/TaxonomyClientService.asmx" in Action "CallWebservices" and user Method as "GetTermsByLabel"

Once we get the SOAP Editor details , modify the below Web Service as :



3. We get Result in XML then using "Query XML" get the TermID based on the TermStoreID


4. Once we get the TermID and the update list item using "UpdateListItem" with "label | TermID"

example: "Europe|TermID"