Regular User Workflow Termination

  • 30 October 2013
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We are running SharePoint 2010 with the integrated K2 Black Pearl component, and I am having an issue with a Regular user that is the originator of a Procedures Workflow with the need to cancel, or reassign the workflow to others.

It comes down to the user to modify the of users needing this task action. I assume that Terminating and doing a new one would be the best, but when you do it from SharePoint it only terminates that side of it while leaving it on K2. Is there a simple way for this user to terminate all of it? Maybe through K2 Workspace?


All of your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Be advised that in order to terminate a process (or even redirect an activity to someone else), the user performing this action must have Admin privileges on the K2 server (not just one process).

Obviously, this is usually not desired.  K2's recommendation to get around this is to create a web service (or some other interface) that runs in the context of a not-well-known user account with Admin rights on the server.

In our shop, we do this with a WCF service running in a dedicated IIS Application Pool whose identity has this right.