Process Version Migration Utility

  • 14 November 2014
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Please see the updated version of this utility for handling 4.6.7 and later version of K2 here:

Version 3 06:

14 replies

Hi All,


I am new to this community, I would like to understand the Licencing terms of using this utility, can someone help me understand this ?.




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Thank you very much for this tool.

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Hi All,

I just want to clarify does this verion works with 4.6.9 . As we are trying to migrate K2 instances after updating our workflow and deploying it.


Thank you.

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Hi guys,


There are no licensing implications when using the tool. As long as you have valid K2 licenses, you are good to go. This tool uses the LIM (Live instance Management) API to help you migrate existing process instances from one version of a process to a different version. There are a couple of "gotchas" that you need to be aware of though. I would suggest reading up on this a little. Especially the "supported and unsupported scenarios" in the "Important Notes" link.


Here is some reading material that you might want to skip through.


There are some configuration changes that you have to make to the "ProcessInstanceVersionMigrator.exe.config" file before running the tool. I have played with the tool a little, and if you follow the "Important Notes" section in the last article, you should be good to go. I have not done what one would call "exhaustive testing", but I built 2 small processes (Default Client Event and SP WF Integration Client Event) and it appears to work fine with 4.6.9. That being said, I would HIGHLY recommend that you test everything in a "Development" or "QA" environment before attempting this in "Production". 


It is worth noting that this is a 3rd party app and because of that it is not supported by K2 in any way, shape or form. If you find issues/bugs with the tool, you should contact the owner (Jacob) for help. (This applies for all 3rd party apps, brokers etc.) You should also know that this tool does NOT migrate K2 dotNET 2003 processes to K2 blackpearl. (A common misunderstanding.)





Willem le Roux.


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Awesome. Worked for K2 V4.7

I using this tool and I got error message as follow:


Error while migrating to new version:Server is not configured for Windows Authentication


How to config K2 Server to use  this tool?


Thank you


Sorry to say, did not work in my environment for Pearl 4.7 (1).   The tool would not show the Activity drop down to resume migrated instances, and it jumped to something random.   The MANAGEMENT SITE shows the VERSION by Activie Instances, and did not update, though the tool said it did migrate.  V32 vs. V36.


It would be nice to have a TEST or verify connections button in this edition.  I wonder if the SQL connection string for a named INSTANCE was an issue.


I did not go through source code, not time, and the environment where trying I cold only use the binaries.


Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with K2Five?

I have been trying off and on, but keep running into dead end null references.

Hello, is this utility working in K2 Five ?? Br, Mahjooob
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This one is outdated. Rather use this one:


I just generated a new version compatible with K2 Five. But currently some issues appears with K2 Five new designer workflow in case of Client Event performed. The new version of the tool will prevent the migration in this case.


Olivier Chatagnon


thank you Olivier,


so do you hvae any tools that can be work wiht K2 Five ?!





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Currently the K2 Five issue raised in ticket 152011 is not fixed.

But you can vote to the following idea:


Best regards,


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Hi Somalia,


This tool not allow to do migration from K2 studio to new K2 Five designer process instance. Only working for the same workflow.


Best regards,


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I don't think that a tool such this exists. Its quite difficult to migrate an instance from a same workflow (betwen version of same worklfow), for my point of view, it's impossible to do it between differents worklfow (event if it's near the same between K2 studio and K2 five new designer).


About your question "

Moving db from old environement to new and Execute K2 set up to point to the migrated DB instead of inbuilt db."

It's the standard process to upgrade K2 with same DB when you pass from 4.7 to K2 five. Some customer didn't do it in case of very complex workflow and in the same time want to have a clean new K2 environment. In this case they create a new K2 environment but all old process and process instances are not retreived.


Best regards,