How to manage identity cache refresh schedule

  • 5 August 2016
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As the number of users and processes in our system increases, we find that the identity cache refresh took longer to complete, affecting our K2 server performance.

May I know if we can configure the identity cache refresh schedule? In particular, are we able to set the refresh to run only after office hours or set the frequency of the update.




This can be done by tweaking the cache timeout values in the identity table. You will also need to set the expiry date of all the identity entries. See the following documentation for more information:

However, note that it is not recommended to force refresh the cache at specific timings. Firstly, as all users are refreshed at the same time at e.g. 7am, the high load will put a considerable strain on your AD server. Additionally, not all users may be refreshed at exactly e.g. 7am, so subsequently after every 12 hrs, the timings will likely to differ. Lastly if a new user is added, it will only be reflected after 12 hrs when the cache is refreshed.


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