Errors while running Package andamp Deployment to create a package

  • 4 November 2016
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When trying to create a package, the following error is observed:
andltWorkflow Nameandgt' Process is referencing the 'andltForm Area Itemandgt' View that could not be found.
The source of the error is located in the ?andltEvent Nameandgt? event. Open the workflow and re-run the wizard.


Rerun the Event Wizard and redeployed the workflow. This had no effect.
The Workflow start event wizard was also rerun with no change.
The Event was also deleted and recreated, but the issue still occurred.
Checked the Area and AreItem tables in the K2 Database and all the view and form references were correct.
The Client Database was obtained and the issue was sent to the Labs Team for further investigation.


The Labs Team confirmed that this is caused by a bug in Package andamp Deployment. A new bug item was logged for the Developers to investigate fully and fix in a future version of K2.

The following Workaround was provided:
In the Source Environment on the affected Workflow Event, remove any configured Data Bindings
Create a Package
Deploy the Package to the Target Environment
In the Target Environment on the Workflow Event, re-add the Data Bindings and Deploy the Workflow using K2 Designer.

The client tested this on the affected Workflow and confirmed that the workaround was successful.


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